I finally got a chance to come up for air (and count all my money), and am enjoying the local 4th of July festival. Its a 3 day annual event we are working, and not one person out of the est. 10,000 people in town hasn’t heard about the wood fired pies that some kid is slinging out, blowing peoples minds. Things couldn’t get better, but they will. I can’t thank you enough for showing me how to do exactly what I was dreaming of doing. Permanent location coming soon! (and website, and clothing, and business cards, and pictures. I know you feel as excited about this business as I do and hope all is going great for you too!


We just did our Third event was last Saturday- we brought 100 crusts to a benefit fundraiser that was also selling hot dogs, baked goods and gumbo. Sold out in 2 hours. WOW! It was all zoom zoom push the pies through but so much fun and a great rush! We have one more ‘practice party’ scheduled before our first big 11 day event at the end of the month. We are hoping to sell an average of 300 pies a day during this period, and I am madly making dough and rolling balls for the freezer so we will be prepared. I expect to be exhausted at the end, but we are having so much fun and it’s the best thing my husband and I have ever done together in public. I just booked 5 events in 2 days. Thank you for developing such a GREAT business concept! You guys ROCK!

Sabert L

You and your team make a great product. You once told me that I should send you a message after I have had a chance to drive the trailer. Well, I can’t believe how nicely it drives. It is simply amazing. With out having any towing experience I don’t feel overly nervous about driving it, I also feel that it is very easy to back up. Actually, it’s a lot easier to back up than I thought. Thanks for working together to offer an A++++ product. The combination of oven and trailer makes for a great center piece!


How did it go? Ohmagawd. Everybody’s hooked! We’re like the pizza pimps of central northern New England. The pies were outrageous. It’s a GRANDE SLAM, Your oven rocks, Fire Within. Cat is blissing out, and so am I. I made some pies with my home-made pesto the other night that sent seismic waves thru the universe. Life will never be the same!

Mark C

We had our second event last night, a birthday party for my nephews’ daughter and son, about 40 pizzas. Lots of fun. We are both so pumped about how the oven and our pizzas are being received. 

Nancy S

I am crazy busy again this week hoping to hit $20,000 this month. I had a 10K catering gig last week. Also became official pizza for the local high school. Have BB King and Adele concert this week and a private gig plus soccer tourney starting tomorrow so doubling up on 2 of the days. I’m freaking exhausted but loving it.

Dave K

Thanks for the update about the clips. The horse show ended on the 23rd and everything went great. Horse people from all over the country attended and a lot of them said that we had the best food that they have had at any horse show that they have been to. I have already been invited to do this show next year, so that is almost 3 weeks of bookings to count on each year. Also the show manager of the Cleveland Gold Cup has asked me about providing food for a show in September. People were very interested in the wood fired oven as it is a relatively new concept. People also liked the idea of pairing the pizza with gelato. We also offered a caprese salad, a watermelon salad and an italian sandwich where I made the loaf of bread to order in the oven. Overall things went very smoothly considering that this was my first big event. I remember at your seminar that you kept telling us that “you will work it out” when people had specific questions about handling certain situations. That was never more true than at this event. You never would be able to account for all the variables you might encounter at an event as each event is totally different, but as you said I “worked it out”. The gelato side of the business might be something that your pizza oven owners might be interested in to add to their business to increase revenues. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks again for your help and let me know if you have any prospective owners that may want to talk about the business. I would be more than willing to be a referral.

Scott M

We had a great and memorable first event. We parked the oven just off the front door of the brewery so we greeted everyone entering. The dough was amazing even in the cold weather. The oven worked great and everyone loved the pizza. We offered three pizzas and kept it pretty simple. It started out a nice evening with the sun still shining and it ended snowing 2 inches on us by 9:30. We didn’t have room to setup a tent so we were stretching and topping pizzas in the snow! What a memorable first night. Thanks for all the great tips.


Your attention to helping us grow our business is a real difference and much appreciated.


I haven’t burned anything down yet!!! I’m just getting used to the heat, like we were talking about I think its trial and error and eyeing it is the best way. Instinctively knowing and testing by hand is the best way. I am understanding the oven more every time I fire it up. I have a gig next Sunday so we will be on cue for that. Thanks.

Teddie C