I’m sure I will dream up more scenarios on where I can cook and I’ll have more questions when I wake up in the morning! Thanks for all your help…I appreciate all the time you spend in meetings and on the phone to make the experience on my end really awesome!

Monica M

I am crazy busy again this week hoping to hit $20,000 this month. I had a 10K catering gig last week. Also became official pizza for the local high school. Have BB King and Adele concert this week and a private gig plus soccer tourney starting tomorrow so doubling up on 2 of the days. I’m freaking exhausted but loving it.

Dave K

How did it go? Ohmagawd. Everybody’s hooked! We’re like the pizza pimps of central northern New England. The pies were outrageous. It’s a GRANDE SLAM, Your oven rocks, Fire Within. Cat is blissing out, and so am I. I made some pies with my home-made pesto the other night that sent seismic waves thru the universe. Life will never be the same!

Mark C

I passed the inspection and the health inspector was impressed with the unit. Thanks for your help in making this happen. The friends and family event went very well. Everyone raved about the pizza and gelato. I got one catering job from that so far. I could have had 2 but they were for the same day. Perhaps another trailer is in the future!!!


I think the first farmers market was a success! We cooked some steaks and pizza for Mario Batali on Saturday at a private fishing picnic, also a success! Thank you again for a wonderful product.

Brigitte B

We had our second event last night, a birthday party for my nephews’ daughter and son, about 40 pizzas. Lots of fun. We are both so pumped about how the oven and our pizzas are being received. 

Nancy S

We had a great and memorable first event. We parked the oven just off the front door of the brewery so we greeted everyone entering. The dough was amazing even in the cold weather. The oven worked great and everyone loved the pizza. We offered three pizzas and kept it pretty simple. It started out a nice evening with the sun still shining and it ended snowing 2 inches on us by 9:30. We didn’t have room to setup a tent so we were stretching and topping pizzas in the snow! What a memorable first night. Thanks for all the great tips.


Follow your dreams- never accept someone’s else’s bs- be in charge of your life-Whatever you’re waiting for…if you have the vibe and gumption- it will work! Just believe in your self and work hard! Do it!

Jim King

We just did our Third event was last Saturday- we brought 100 crusts to a benefit fundraiser that was also selling hot dogs, baked goods and gumbo. Sold out in 2 hours. WOW! It was all zoom zoom push the pies through but so much fun and a great rush! We have one more ‘practice party’ scheduled before our first big 11 day event at the end of the month. We are hoping to sell an average of 300 pies a day during this period, and I am madly making dough and rolling balls for the freezer so we will be prepared. I expect to be exhausted at the end, but we are having so much fun and it’s the best thing my husband and I have ever done together in public. I just booked 5 events in 2 days. Thank you for developing such a GREAT business concept! You guys ROCK!

Sabert L

There are things about this trailer that you wouldn’t think about if you tried to build one yourself.

Jacob C