Wood Fired University!

Come experience how the mobile pizza business works with your own eyes.

Wood Fired University is a great blend of “hands-on” training and business foundations. In 3 days, you’ll learn everything you need to launch a successful wood-fired catering business!

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February 21, 2020

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2020/04/24 18:30:00

What You Will Learn

Here is just some of what you’ll learn at the Wood Fired University.

Fire Within and PerfectingPizza.com

Fire Within is proud to offer the decades of pizzeria expertise from Perfecting Pizza founders!

Perfecting Pizza Has the Tools You Need to Open, Operate and Grow Your Pizzeria.

Michael Shepherd of Perfecting Pizza

Announcing our Lightest, Most Economical Mobile Pizza Oven Yet,
“The Alexis Soyer”

Weighing under 1,000Lbs, this trailer can be positioned by a single person into almost any space.  It is perfect for events were spaces is limited and for parties where the access is restricted — even small SUV’s can tow it!


Eclectic and electric, the tuk Urbano takes mobile wood-fired cooking and introduces a splash of Asian culture! This elegant, all electric vehicle is the perfect vehicle for your country club, resort, or – if you are inventive – selling those pizzas late night downtown!

Pizza Ovens Perfect The Home, Backyard Or Outdoors, “The Andiamo Outdoor Pizza Oven”

Imagine enjoying a wood-fired pizza right in your backyard. The Fire Within’s backyard pizza ovens deliver plenty of different options so that you can enjoy delicious Neapolitan style pizza at home with your family and friends.



I just loved “Rolling in the Dough.” I don’t have Fire Within trailer. I don’t own a catering business. Heck, I don’t even have a wood-fired oven. But I want to, and I know that I need help in making it happen the right way. I have learned from sad experience that jumping into something without preparation is a recipe for failure. What I wanted was a recipe for success, and this is it. With the material in the book, I was able to see how someone could put a successful wood-fired pizza catering and concessions business together.

Are you ready to get started?  There’s no better way….

Get Rolling In The Dough Today – The Business Plan

A portable wood-fired brick pizza oven business can be not only a great adventure, but a way to make money on your own terms. The Rolling in the Dough portable brick pizza oven catering start-up manual eliminates the guesswork, hassles and frustrating learning curve of operating your own fun, lucrative rolling restaurant.

Our Mobile Food Business Manual Includes:

  • Oven Use & Maintenance
  • Wood-Fired Business 101
  • Licensing and Food Safety

Fire Within supports our military, click to learn more about our exclusive military discount for those who’ve served.

Introducing Napoli 
Wood Fired Cooking Tools

There’s nothing like freshly baked pizza from a wood burning pizza oven.  It literally only cooks in seconds, which means you must have tools that can withstand heat temperatures of at least wood burning pizza oven 800 degrees F.   We have the tools that artisans rely upon for perfecting their craft.  From tending fires, to baking bread and completing the perfect wood fired pizza, our tools will inspire and elevate your pizzaiola skills.

Fire Within has given over $25,000 in scholarships to culinary students to attend the Wood Fired University.  The Wood Fired University is the largest culinary school in the United States for wood-fired cooking.   These basic and advanced classes through the Wood Fired University are shaping the culinary world and our WFU graduates lead the way.

Take a look at what clients have said about their experience both as new business owners and also Wood Fired University

I passed the inspection and the health inspector was impressed with the unit. Thanks for your help in making this happen. The friends and family event went very well. Everyone raved about the pizza and gelato. I got one catering job from that so far. I could have had 2 but they were for the same day. Perhaps another trailer is in the future!!!


I’m sure I will dream up more scenarios on where I can cook and I’ll have more questions when I wake up in the morning! Thanks for all your help…I appreciate all the time you spend in meetings and on the phone to make the experience on my end really awesome!

Monica M

Follow your dreams- never accept someone’s else’s bs- be in charge of your life-Whatever you’re waiting for…if you have the vibe and gumption- it will work! Just believe in your self and work hard! Do it!

Jim King

The ovens look great. Thank you for the amazing customer service. You are really doing things right.