Looking for a business opportunity?
Fire Within can provide you a great, rewarding opportunity where you decide everything, work when you want, where you want and you decide how much you want to earn.

If you’ve done some research you’ve probably seen how many festivals, farmers markets, and other events there are out there. A common statement we hear is “We went to this event and there’s nothing like this around here.” Just about every one of our customers evolve the types of events they cater after their first year. You can count on it. Why do they change? Because there are so many types of events that over time you’ll cherry-pick the events that make you the most money. Let us help you be profitable and help guide you to which events make the most money. With our support over half of our customers pay off their investment within their first 18 months. Work more often and pay it off sooner.

Either you…

Do the events that you WANT to do, and you could WANT to do them for various reasons.


Do the events that will make you the most money during your first year because you want to make more money in a shorter period of time.


Do events that are consistent, low pressure and help you feel secure and confident.

We’ve learned to advise all of our customers to NOT limit themselves based on how we watch our customers evolve.


High Customer Traffic and Fast Cash

Does the idea of making 300-600+ pizzas in one day seem exciting to you? The smell of the wood burning will attract customers from all four corners of the festival. Event organizers are always looking for new, different and healthy food alternatives. You are the anti-funnel cake.

  • Travel and meet interesting people
  • See live music and art
  • Enter culinary contests
  • Support local city and town civic events

Wineries & Tasting Events

Great Wine Deserves Great Food

Wineries, wine festivals and wine tasting events welcome food vendors to offset the effects of too much wine on an empty stomach. But as any wine connoisseur knows, the experience is all about the palette. Hotdog stands need not apply.

  • Travel and meet interesting people
  • Fine wine deserves good food as accompaniment
  • Fresh ingredients and carefully cultivated flavor maximize tasting experiences
  • Support local city and town civic events

Private Catering

A Class Act with Superb Profits

Weave fire into your catering experience and suddenly you’re the center of attention. When guests ask, “Where’s your restaurant?” the answer is “Wherever you want it to be.”

  • Create incredible dishes on the spot
  • Celebrate with your community
  • Cater weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties or simply a backyard BBQ
  • BE the unforgettable touch at any special event

Get Involved

Giving is Receiving

A few of our clients have started programs in their communities to help support at-risk youth through teaching them a practical skill, which is the purest gesture of “giving while receiving.” Take advantage of the endless opportunities to get involved and new customers will follow.

  • Giving back to your community is a great way to gain exposure
  • Donate a pizza party to a local auction
  • Throw a fundraising event for your local school or civic organization
  • Simply provide the low-cost (possibly tax deductible) pizza ingredients

Farmer’s Markets

Fresh food, Fresh revenue

Customers love to watch as the herbs, tomatoes, basil and squash from surrounding farmers’ booths become pizza toppings in minutes. Make Farmers’ Markets a full-time job. Everyone who samples your pizza is a potential catering client!

  • Consistent revenue streams
  • Farm-to-fork cooking
  • 4,500+ markets sprinkled throughout nearly every community
  • Incredible way to truly show how fresh food profoundly impacts families’ lifestyles

Breweries & Restaurants

Expand Outdoors

Often times Breweries and Restaurants welcome you for patio events or special occasions. This is great for you to meet people and potential clients and enjoy a beverage or two while you are working.

  • Maximize your location with pizza on the patio
  • Beer and pizza are best friends