Fire Within Holiday Season Giveaway

So you’ve done your homework. You’re going to be the boss. You’ve learned that Fire Within offers a turn-key Wood-Fired Mobile Catering business with a large ROI on a small investment and the training necessary to become a successful wood fired mobile catering business. Best of all, since it’s not a franchise, you won’t be held hostage to any expensive franchise fees. And here’s one more element to factor into your plans. . . If you place your order for a Fire Within oven between now and the end of the year, you will also receive a tool-combo kit for that corresponding trailer absolutely free. In addition, we’ll offer you a buy one seat / get one seat for February’s Wood Fired University which will teach you and the person you bring everything you need to operate your own successful mobile wood fired catering business. Depending upon the trailer that you select, this Holiday Season package can be worth up to $2600. And if you want that trailer delivered to your driveway with a big red bow by New Years, we might be able to arrange that as well.