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We’ve listened to your valuable feedback about our most popular series of mobile wood fired ovens and after rounds of engineering and design, we are proud to unveil the new 2021 Tailgate Series!

Our new model is larger, has more storage capacity, and has added safety features such as a 35oo lb. Dexter Idler Torsion Axle and safety chains which will help to keep you up and cooking on-the-go for years!

And that’s not even the BEST part! The Tailgate series is STILL available for customization! You choose the color, the dome work, even choose to have your mobile unit custom wrapped to display your logo and information for everyone to see as you cruise down the highway!

And that’s STILL not even the best part! Even with all the upgrades we have made to our little workhorse, we have decided to keep the pricing intact! Now starting your own business has never been more affordable. And if you already own a business but need to find a way to generate a little more dough, the Tailgate series is a great addition.



The 2021 Tailgate Series comes standard with steel welded fenders, LED lighting, a tongue jack and rear stabilizer, license plate bracket a lockable rear entry door, and enlarged storage capacity. And to finish it all off, each unit has a powder coat finish to help keep it looking great all year long!

Available today in our standard and switch variety, the 2021 Tailgate series is the perfect entry-level and extra income generator for every budding pizza-prenuer!

FEATURES: Contact us for more information on how to customize your Tailgate to your specifications.

Oven Specs

  • Landing gear 2,000 lb. Top wind drop thru
  • Hitch 2 5/16” forged steel A frame
  • Safety chains rated for capacity
  • A frame C4 structural
  • DOT requirements complete
  • Paint- Martin Senour PCC series 135 Acrylic
  • Approximate trailer weight –2,900 lbs W/OVEN
  • Electrical connector on trailer provided
  • Spare tire and wheel included
  • Rear entry door approx. 20” x 40” lockable
  • Wall height approx. 23.5”
  • Rear stabilizer drop down leg
  • Wheel and hub covers PVC chrome finish

Trailer Specs

  • 2,9900 lb. GVWR
  • Deck covering-14GA.
  • 2,500 lb. capacity
  • Deck length – 60”(approx.)
  • (1)ea. 5 bolt 3,500lb. Dexter torsion (idler)
  • Deck width – 60”
  • Brake (optional)
  •  B/A system (optional)
  • Unibody 3/16” plate wall approx. 23.5”
  • All lighting sealed beam flush mount
  • Tires-ST205/75R15 LRC radials
  • All wire in steel protection
  • Wheels-5”x15” (5)bolt white Modular

Licensing & Safety

Fire Within takes pride in going above and beyond to ensure our equipment is safe and meets all sanitary requirements.

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