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The Cucina 12ft

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The Cucina series is available from 12ft-22ft lengths, ( Longer lengths may be available if needed). The selection of equipment on the Cucina is fully customizable.



Fully Customizable

You tell us what you would like for us to include in your Italian Cucina. Pack up the trailer, arrive on site, flip up the awning, strike a match and you are in business. The oven entrance is on the outside which preserves the view and the ambiance that only a true wood fired oven can create.

The Cucina leverages the experience of high volume wood-fired caterers and allows for a highly customized mobile wood fired oven. Its size not only makes way for a custom kitchen but also a canvas to further convey the look and feel of your brand. We can outfit your trailer with unique fixtures and oven finishes. Let us help you create your dream mobile cafe!

If you are a high-end caterer who is looking to make a lasting impression or a business requiring very specific and unique health department requirements, the Cucina series is right for you.


  • Contact us for more information on how to customize your Cucina to your specifications.

Oven Specs

44″ 110CM HEARTH

  • 2″ thick oven dome
  • 5-7 10″ pizzas
  • 4 Large pizzas 14-16″
  • 50 min heat up time

48″ 120CM HEARTH

  • 3.25″ thick oven dome
  • 6-8 10″ pizzas
  • 7 Large pizzas 14-16″
  • 60 min heat up time

56″ 140CM HEARTH

  • 4″ thick oven dome
  • 8-10 10″ pizzas
  • 10 Large pizzas 14-16″
  • 60 – 80 min heat up time


  • Overall Length: 15′ – 9″
  • Height: 6′-9″
  • Width: 80″

Trailer Specs


  • V8
  • Check with your local automotive dealer to confirm towing capacity


  • Cucina 12 110cm 44″ hearth = 5000lbs
  • Cucina 12 120cm 48″ hearth = 5200lbs
  • Cucina 12 140cm 56″ hearth = 5700lbs


  • 7200lbs

Licensing & Safety

Fire Within takes pride in going above and beyond to ensure our equipment is safe and meets all sanitary requirements.

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