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The Cucina 16ft

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Create Your Dream Business

Safety.  Durability.  Beautiful Masonry.  A Complete Wood-Fired Restaurant on Wheels.  Create Your Dream Business.

Introducing the Fire Within 16’ Cucina Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Trailer.  This is a fully-enclosed pizza restaurant on wheels.  This beautiful unit features an open porch which houses the oven dome.  You’ll feed that oven with pizzas from the spacious workspace inside the trailer.

This is one of the workhorses in the category of the Cucina models: A 3-basin disinfection sink, a separate hand washing sink, a 67-inch prep table, a 48-inch and 24-inch work table space, ample shelving,  a 10,000 watt generator, 23 Cubic Ft refrigerator, and a 125 AMP electrical package that powers electrical outlets and two LED ceiling lights.

Outlining your Cucina are two huge screened windows – your pizza trailer will be stunning, open and inviting.  The included LWD-lighted marquees above the awnings are just waiting for your brand to be displayed.  Each window features a 1-foot by 5-foot fold-down stainless steel table inside and out.

The star of the show is the 48-inch professionally-finished Fire Within commercial wood-fired oven, comfortably pumping out 6-8 ten-inch pizza every few minutes…

This package is designed to accommodate the most demanding mobile pizza entrepreneur’s needs.

Pizza in 90 Seconds

60 – 70 Pizzas Per Hour

45 – 60 Minute Heat-Up

Oven Specs

44″ 110CM HEARTH

  • 2″ thick oven dome
  • 5-7 10″ pizzas
  • 4 Large pizzas 14-16″
  • 50 min heat up time

48″ 120CM HEARTH

  • 3.25″ thick oven dome
  • 6-8 10″ pizzas
  • 7 Large pizzas 14-16″
  • 60 min heat up time

56″ 140CM HEARTH

  • 4″ thick oven dome
  • 8-10 10″ pizzas
  • 10 Large pizzas 14-16″
  • 60 – 80 min heat up time
Trailer Specs


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Weight & Towing


  • V8
  • Check with your local automotive dealer to confirm towing capacity


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  • Call for more info


  • Contact us for more information on how to customize your Cucina to your specifications.


Fire Within takes pride in going above and beyond to ensure our equipment is safe and meets all sanitary requirements.