ROLLING IN THE DOUGH: The Fire Masters Digital Subscription

Life is hectic, times are challenging and the days are never long enough; you may not always have the luxury of time to stop and read a book. Fire Within recognizes that you are busy getting ready to launch your new successful dough-making adventure, so we are proud to offer you:


Now, you can access all of the content of our one-of-a kind business manual, Rolling In The Dough, while On the Go! Over 250 pages of valuable content at the digital ready of your fingertips to be read on your laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other web-connected device.

Active members access to The Digital Subscription also grants you access to each NEW EDITION of Rolling In The Dough – no extra fees required!

Not only will you have access to every chapter of Rolling In The Dough, but you will also gain access to our new Digital Only content: BEST PRACTICES. Here, you will gain the newest information, tips and tricks, and contacts to help your mobile wood-fired business thrive!

Best Practices will tackle the daily and ever-changing landscape of the industry – What does your health department require now and in 2021? What are the newest recipes and trends? Where can I find the latest venues to serve my food? Best Practices will cover these and many more topics with information that is current, relevant, and is setup to help YOU succeed. This information has been designated as Restricted Content for ‘Members Only’ and will be provided in digital form and updated frequently.

Rolling In The Dough: The Digital Subscription can be accessed, IN FULL, at the rate of $150 for six months. You will receive the ENTIRE digital copy of Rolling In The Dough, access to all of the digital supplemental files that come with the business manual, and FULL ACCESS to Best Practices. After your six-month subscription, your membership will automatically renew giving you access to ALL of the Restricted Digital Content for only $4.50 a month – cancel your access to the digital content anytime. Please Note: The digital subscription allows registered members the ability to ‘VIEW ONLY’ all restricted digital content – the system will restrict downloads and printing.

Level Price  
Fire Master $150.00 now and then $4.50 per Month. After your initial payment, your first 6 payments are Free. Select

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