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Would you like to set your venue apart from all the rest? Fire Within offers the opportunity to entertain your guests with a unique culinary attraction, wood fired cuisine. Join the growing ranks of specialty venues that have added a custom-branded wood fired oven from Fire Within. They’re easy to promote and will enable you to feed and delight your guests for decades!


With a wood fired mobile oven, you’ll be able to capitalize on a trend that has captured the hearts and taste buds of America – wood fired cooking.
This rustic and authentic approach is ideal for all types of dishes such as cedar plank salmon, smoked trout, roasted vegetables and perennial favorite, wood fired pizza. Live-fire cooking offers the perfect blend of old-world romance and mouth-watering cuisine.

who uses a fire within mobile oven?


Fire Within will help you stand out from other venues with a custom-branded, mosaic-tiled mobile oven that can be set up on the beach, in a picnic area, on the 18th fairway, even poolside. The options for your guests and your own use are truly endless!
Most importantly, a wood fired oven comes with a small price tag while delivering significant ROI. For less than $15k, you will own a versatile workhorse that enables you to tap into a fresh stream of revenue. In addition to feeding your guests, offering the exciting option of wood-fired cooking can drive bookings for all types of events and get-togethers:
⦁ Wedding Receptions
⦁ Business & Board Meetings
⦁ Wedding Anniversaries
⦁ Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs
⦁ Sales Conferences
⦁ Charity Fundraisers
⦁ Corporate Celebrations
⦁ Golf Tournaments
⦁ Birthday Parties
⦁ Networking Events


Our goal is to help you get the most out of your wood fired oven, not just sell you a piece of equipment. In fact, our system is turnkey and simple to integrate into your operation. We provide training for proper use of the oven, cooking and baking techniques, as well as how to promote your wood fired oven and start making money right away.


Fire Within also operates the Wood Fired University which is the largest Culinary School in the United States for Wood Fired Cooking. You, your executive chef and others can attend our immersive 3-day class which covers everything you need to know about successfully operating a business focused on wood fired cooking. You’ll learn how to entertain and feed your guests, as well as bring outside business into your venue. We can also bring training directly to your resort with a 2-day training course where more staff members can learn about prepping and cooking meals – as well as how to market effectively.
What Can it do?
A Fire Within Mobile Wood Fired Oven will allow your venue the opportunity for fast revenue, as well become a talking-point in your community. Here is only a fraction of what the oven will do for you…

⦁ High output - can bake over 100 pizzas an hour
⦁ Quick turnaround – each pizza can bake under 90 seconds
⦁ Quality - ability to produce healthy, low-cost food - all with a savory wood fired flavor
⦁ Flexibility - Cook a wide variety of foods - our ovens operate at a wide range of temperatures from 350 to over 900 degrees
⦁ Mobile - Can be closed while still hot and transported from one locale to the next, providing a visible free-of-cost marketing experience

expand your career

Take the opportunity to expand the visibility and profitability of your venue and add a mobile wood fired oven from Fire Within to your arsenal of already good food and prime locale. Over 800 oven owners world-wide will agree that Fire Within provides quality, service and reliability to any business.

“Fire Within Mobile Ovens are the best mobile ovens and they have excellent cooking programs. If you want to be a cook, "Fire Within Mobile Ovens" is your best resource. Someday I want to buy an oven and cook in Cherry Blossom season with my friends here in Japan.”

Nimmitha Vidyathilaka