Are you looking for a complete resource to teach one of the fastest growing segments in the industry?

Fire Within’s mobile wood-fired pizza ovens provide a top quality and highly versatile teaching platform.

Your students will master wood-fired cooking while developing the business skills required to run a mobile catering business; this in turn will become a fundraising resource for your program. In addition to our industry-standard products, we provide extensive training as well as a robust community of current users who support each other via online forums. Our support is comprehensive and ongoing.

Your student population will exclaim “huzzah!” as your mobile wood-fired unit provides pizzas and other foods to them at football, baseball and every outdoor game your school has. (And imagine how jealous your rival high school will be when you roll up cooking pizzas for only your school’s kids!!!)



NORTH BEND — The Blazing Bulldogs are open for business. The North Bend High School culinary class, taught by master chef Frank Murphy who was first trained by chef experts in Ireland, purchased a portable wood stove that can cook everything from meats to pizzas.

It will be used as part of the regular classroom curriculum, as well as by a core group of students who will take it to events and fundraisers to bring in money both to the class as well as to
the district.The money to purchase the $25,000 wood-burning stove came through a Career and Technical Education grant from Oregon Department of Education for $45,000.

“The idea for the grant is to bring in equipment, stuff we wouldn’t be able to afford without it,” Murphy said. “I was looking around and wanted to redo the classroom, but that would take a whole lot more than the $45,000 we had.”

Instead, he ordered new stoves, washers and refrigerators, but that still left quite a bit of money. He knew about wood-burning stoves from looking into and building one for himself, and thought it was time to purchase a professionally-made stove for his students.

“As a teacher, you’re always looking for something to get the kids excited,” he said. “If you get them excited, they might start a career but also cook for themselves. Also, right now the wood-burning stoves are trendy. They’ve been around for ages, long before the elective stoves, but they are very popular now.”

Murphy found a company in Denver, Fire Within, that specializes in making these stoves. He spoke with the owner, who became invested in the project and put in a tile design of a bulldog on the side for free.

“We will use it for fundraising, which is why it’s mobile so we can take it with us to venues,” Murphy said. “We can move it anywhere around the district. When we cater, we aren’t buying anything. We make it here in the classroom. All of this will bring money back to us.”

Murphy doesn’t want to take money away from professional caterers in the area, but wants to focus on doing business with companies, organizations and non-profits. For non-profits, he “has no problem looking after those people if we cover our costs with other events.”

“We will never lose money, but make money, and that is also very exciting,” he said. “I can’t wait.”

To book the Blazing Bulldogs, email Murphy at

Our support is comprehensive and ongoing. Your student population will exclaim “huzzah!” as your mobile wood-fired unit provides pizzas and other foods to them at football, baseball and every outdoor game your school has. (And imagine how jealous your rival high school will be when you roll up cooking pizzas for only your school’s kids!!!)

You have students who want to become the next big chef? Starting them out with rustic cooking is a perfect foundation for their learning. Each student will learn the principles of the ecology of fire, chemistry through fermentation, and have daily lessons in civics and economics while they build a program from the ground up for your school.

Each purchase of a mobile wood-fired oven also secures on-site training from world-class pizza makers at your location as well as yearly scholarships to Wood Fired University for your staff and select students. You and your students will learn bonding, teamwork, and how to provide start-to-finish customer satisfaction during a hands-on intensive weekend.


We are pleased to announce that they have established a working partnership with the Santa Barbara Unified School District to supply the district with their customized, mobile wood-fired oven. The mobile oven will be integrated into the curriculum enhancing SBUSD’s “Farm to Toast” initiative.

Teaching kids to grow wheat, mill it into flour, learn to knead dough, and make bread or pizza is a full spectrum experience. We are proud to be sponsoring such a program and watching as our students: Eat to Live, Live to Learn, and Learn to Eat,” states Nancy Weiss, Director of Food Service at the Santa Barbara Unified School District. She continues, “We enjoyed a complete ‘buy-in’ from our newest partner, Ajith Dharma of Fire Within Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens; he not only worked to make this happen but personalized our mobile oven with our logo, further enhancing our program’s brand of school food.”

Ajith Dharma, CEO of Fire Within Mobile Wood Fired Ovens adds: “Expanding on the success and lessons learned from working with North Bend High School in Oregon, we gained a unique perspective on the challenges many school districts face when establishing curriculums designed to not only educate, but engage younger minds and increase graduation rates; we’re proud to add Santa Barbara to education partners and are fully committed to supporting their goals.”

Oregon Coast Culinary Institute

Fire Within is proud to have added the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute to our education partners and are fully committed to supporting their goals.

“This investment in classroom equipment has the added advantage of effectively training our students as budding entrepreneurs, giving them a head start on the intricacies of running a food-service business,” states Randy Torres, Executive Director at the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute.

We’ve had the idea for years, but not the funding,” adds Shawn Marie Warren, Coordinator of Operations at the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute. She continues: “Given that we offer both Culinary, Baking, and Pastry programs here at OCCI, the oven is a win-win for both disciplines.  With the popularity of wood-fired pizza here in the Pacific North West we don’t think we can go wrong with a purchase such as this. It will be a piece of ‘class and lab’ equipment that will be used for many years.”

Fire Within produces the most diverse configuration of wood fired ovens, in both truck and trailer models. With the increasing interest and growth of this popular food category, they produced ‘Rolling In The Dough‘, a mobile food business-manual that was written to help eliminate the guesswork, hassles and frustrating learning curve of operating rolling/mobile restaurant. Career Trade Education (CTE) schools with Culinary & Hospitality programs can access Perkins, Pathways and other grants towards this investment.


Discover the essential strategies every business owner must know in order to succeed. We start with the fundamentals of owning your own business based on the deep wisdom and know-how that only comes with real-life experience. Once you get a complete overview of our real-world business strategies, you’ll be able to easily avoid some of the common business pitfalls. Most importantly, this information will keep you focused on the path of success. We’ve included a proven business plan that takes the guesswork out of getting the right business permits, managing supply chains, advertising and much more. It’s as comprehensive as a franchise model, only without the rules so you are in complete control.


Ignite Interest - Boost Enrollment

Our goal as educators is to prepare our students to step out into the real world.  Students with poor grades and high-school dropouts fare substantially worse than their peers on a wide variety of long-term outcomes. On average, a dropout earns less money, is more likely to be in jail, is less healthy, is less likely to be married, and is unhappier than a high-school graduate. Yet dropout rates in the United States have remained mostly unchanged, at roughly 30%, during the past three decades.

Jump-Start Through Hands-on 

A growing body of research, however, suggests ways to improve high-school graduation rates and close the achievement gap can be through jump-starting the student's intrinsic motivation through hands-on activities which seems to be a solid strategy to get and keep students interested. And it’s more than that. Students actually learn better when motivated this way. They put forth more effort, tackle more challenging tasks, and end up gaining a more profound understanding of the concepts they study.   Our Fire Within Innovative Learning Program is designed around those core principles.

The program is turnkey and offers your school the ability to reach those students that might otherwise drop through the cracks but you'll also find straight A students working side by side with those who are struggling.    There are 2 packages available to suit your school's needs . . .

Package #1 - $18,250 Complete

Fire Within Tailgate Trailer Oven

FireWithin Tail Gate Switch

The Tailgate is the safest commercial mobile oven on the road today.   It features a 40″ oven entrance which makes it ideal for football games, pep rallies, teacher appreciation days and other school events.  This unit is capable of baking 6 pizzas at a times plus breads, fish, pork, beef and more.
  Refrigerated Portable Prep Table (subtract $1200 if you already have a refrigerated portable prep table)
•  GI Metal Oven Tools - 13” Perforated Pizza Peel, 8” Pizza Peel, Brass Pizza Brush, Replacement Brass Pizza Brush Head, Fire Fence, 2 Firewood Bags, 2 Pizza Peel Covers.
•  Access to Fire Within's Library of Instructional Videos
•  Access to Fire Within's Community of Oven Owners
  5 Copies of Rolling In The Dough Manuals


Package #2 - $26,250 Complete

Fire Within Caterer Trailer Oven

FireWithin Caterer Switch

The Caterer gives you the ability to bring authentic traditional wood-fired brick oven cuisine right to someone’s doorstep. It features a 48″ side oven entrance which makes it convenient for pulling up to curbside events. 2 braking systems, leveling jacks and increased weight and storage capacity, peerless construction, ease of set-up and on-site maneuvering make this one of our best-selling models.  This unit is capable of baking 9 pizzas at a times plus breads, fish, pork, beef and more.
  Refrigerated Portable Prep Table (subtract $1200 if you already have a refrigerated portable prep table)
  GI Metal Oven Tools - 13” Perforated Pizza Peel, 8” Pizza Peel, Brass Pizza Brush, Replacement Brass Pizza Brush, Head Fire Fence, Oven Dome Cover, 2 Firewood Bags, 2 Pizza Peel Covers
  Access to Fire Within's Library of Instructional Videos
  Access to Fire Within's Community of Oven Owners
  10 Copies of Rolling In The Dough Manuals