Looking to elevate MWR for on-base entertainment at your local installation? Do you need a gathering spot for families and single servicemen and women to congregate? Would you like to offer more cuisine to those who provide security to our country?

A mobile wood fired oven manufactured in the United States by Fire Within is the perfect companion for your base, post, or field kitchen. With minimal training, your staff can provide food for entertainment or feed the troops in a matter of minutes.

A Fire Within mobile wood fired oven can bake over 100 pizzas an hour! Not only will it deliver high-volume food output, it will cook more than pizza. Provide salmon, trout, roasted vegetables and breads for receptions.


Soldiers have cooked food in the field since the earliest days of soldiering – a great aspect of a Fire Within oven is its mobility. A mobile wood fired oven can be stationed at any Main Operating Base and move to a FOB in a matter of minutes. Constructed for quick movement, the mobile oven does not need a cool-down period before transport – it remains cool to the touch while retaining internal heat.

Fire Within values its service personnel. Without their gallant unselfishness, we would not be able to provide our hand-crafted mobile wood fired ovens. With every purchase, Fire Within will provide scholarship seats to Wood Fired University, the premier wood fired cooking university held 5 times a year in Denver, Colorado. Your staff will learn how to make pizzas and other food items over the course of a weekend trained by our award-winning staff.


  • High output - can bake over 100 pizzas an hour
  • Quick turnaround - pizzas can bake under 90 seconds
  • Quality - ability to produce healthy, low-cost food - all with a savory wood fired flavor
  • Over 750 satisfied customers domestically and internationally
  • Flexibility - Cook a wide variety of foods - our ovens operate at a wide range of temperatures from 350 to over 900 degrees
  • Mobility - Can be closed while still hot