Fire Within will conduct its 28th workshop aimed at providing its participants with all the information they need to start their own mobile wood-fired pizza oven catering company. From the basics of operating the company’s mobile wood-fired ovens and baking the perfect pizza pie, to locating the proper equipment and leveraging effective marketing strategies, the Fire Within workshop includes everything entrepreneurial pizza-lovers and foodies need to succeed in this exciting and increasingly not-so-niche industry.

Based on the company’s authoritative manual, “Rolling in the Dough,” the workshop, to be held at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, is more than just a three-day seminar. Rather, as Fire Within President Ajith Dharma explains, the workshop represents “the coming together of a community of prospective, successful, and up-and-coming pizza entrepreneurs sharing their best practices, reviewing lessons learned from past mistakes, and showing off their recipes to one another.”

Along with hands-on training in the operation of the ovens, workshop participants will also learn how to use the ovens to prepare not just pizza, but appetizers, breakfast sandwiches, poultry, meat, bread, and more. Participants leave the workshop with everything they need to run a successful business, from catering and farmers’ markets to festivals, retail, and beyond.

The foundation of the workshop, and the success its past participants have enjoyed, is Fire Within’s innovative mobile wood-fired pizza oven. These wood-fired ovens, the best-selling oven of their kind since 2006, are not all that budding Pizzaiolos receive when they decide to enter the pizza catering business. “We are selling a business model, a lifestyle, a dream – not just a mobile pizza oven,” says Dharma. “The entrepreneurs who buy our wood-fired ovens learn how to turn their passion for pizza into a long-lasting and rewarding career.”