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  • thomas garnick

    Thomas Garnick was recently named California Cheese Grand Pizza Champion! He brings a wealth of experience with both Pizza Making and Entrepreneurship and will share his skills and thoughts on running a successful business.

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  • siler chapman

    For 12 years, he worked with the young people in the community through his pizzeria and his wakeboarding and snowboarding ministry. Siler became well known in the community for throwing dough locally and nationally. In fact, he holds three world titles for acrobatics, gaining him appearances on the Food Network, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, The…

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  • rick doering

    I most enjoy the expression that people give when they eat the food. It is not just a facial expression, they feel it in their whole body. Their shoulders droop, their knees bend, their head tips back

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  • peter reinhart

    Four of his books have been nominated for James Beard Awards, with three of them winning, including the “Book of the Year” in 2002 for The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Reinhart is considered to be one of the most respected baking educators in America

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  • mike shapiro

    I began attending the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago with my brother who is a professional chef. We made it an annual trip for several years. This evolved into attending the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. Each year, I took a chance and put my business card in the Fire Within Scholarship Bowl

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  • michael kalanty

    Michael’s track record in bakery innovation dates back to when the field was merely called product development. Many of his formulas for breads, crackers, and cookies can be found on grocery store shelves for clients like Pepperidge Farm and General Mills.

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  • leo spizzirri

    His outer tattoo wearing, punk rock loving persona is unmatched by his technical knowledge and relaxed teaching style. He will encourage you to learn from your mistakes and inspire you to experiment

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  • jared batson

    Jared has fostered his desire to support sustainable agriculture and forward thinking restaurants that are pushing for impact beyond their menu.

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wood fired university

Wood Fired University provides our community with the training needed to run your mobile wood fired pizza business. We do not consider our program a success until you understand how to cook the perfect pizza and run a business that makes you proud.

Across our program, you will be trained by a successful wood fired chef. You receive the first-hand direction from someone who has been in your shoes. Our instructors provide you an in-depth understanding of everything from making your first pie to the long-term care of your oven.

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  • July 26th-29th | Denver

    Wood Fired University is a great blend of “hands on” training and business foundations. Now featuring instruction from Thomas Garnick, California Cheese Grand Pizza Champion!

    In 3 days you’ll learn everything you need to launch your successful business.

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