Rolling in the Dough | The Business Plan

The complete and comprehensive business manual, Rolling In The Dough, covers the logistics of working with a mobile wood-fired oven and gives you the foundation to making dough in your OWN way.

Our business manual eliminates the guesswork, hassles, and frustrating learning curve of operating your own fun, lucrative rolling restaurant. Inside you’ll find the proven, no-nonsense advice on starting a thriving concession business. Plus, we’ll reveal the creative marketing ideas that will help you realize the potential of the portable pizza business.

It is a resource of best practices and insider information – as well as a first-hand account of mistakes to avoid. Learn proven processes that work, and pitfalls to watch out for.

Our business manual breaks down a complex business into easy-to-digest steps. Over 260 pages, Rolling in the Dough takes you from the planning stages straight to baking delicious, quality food at a hearty profit margin.

6th Edition
Digital Edition

5th Edition
Physical Edition