why fire within

why fire within

You’ve landed here because you have an interest in wood-fired cooking. Or a raw passion for pizza, or maybe an interest in giving more to this world through food.

Mounting a wood-fired oven onto a trailer, allowing your food to be served anywhere you can drive to, is a distinctive product that Fire Within is not alone in offering. You have choices when it comes to having an oven trailer built for your business.

With that said, why choose Fire Within?

First things first – Fire Within is The Only Company that offers a Complete, Turnkey Mobile Pizza Business Model,and when we say turnkey, we mean a plan, purpose designed and built trailers, and of course, the finest selection of commercial grade wood-fired pizza ovens.

  • Our award winning publication, Rolling In The Dough, dissected franchises & franchising models and their respective business plans and assembled a working plan that incorporates all of the best practices of a franchising model into a self-run, independently owned business, all without the extra costs and restrictions often associated with buying into a franchise.
  • We’re the only company to offer a ‘Hands-on’, Intensive Training Course to get you up to speed as quickly as possible, and more importantly, to lay the proper foundation for a successful career in the pizza business.
  • Then we went further, we designed Purpose-Designed & Built Trailers that have to handle the rigours of day-to-day traveling from location to location.
  • We also vetted numerous wood-fired pizza oven manufacturers and now offer a variety of ovens to suit just any business need from maller, low volume to larger multi-pizza models, our experts will pair your perfect oven with the Perfect Trailer or Truck to ensure that your businesses success from day one.

An Oven Recipe Constructed for the Road

We built our first wood-fired oven in 2006. Over 18 years, we’ve put 1,800+ oven trailers on roads and highways across the United States and internationally. That’s a lot of 3,000-pound ovens.

With that amount of time and volume comes experience. A company built on trust and quality has a drive for never-ending perfection.

Fire Within continually evaluates our oven build-out process. Our ovens are the most road-worthy you’ll find in the category. We use the most up-to-date masonry ingredients the market provides. Is there a new procedure that will give our customer’s a more durable, safe, oven that will retain heat even more effectively than it already does? This mentality is in our DNA.

Choice of Oven

In a past life, Fire Within offered ovens manufactured by one company. Our customers could choose what size of wood-fired oven they purchased, but the oven was built by a singular partner.

Now, Fire Within customers have a choice. We haven’t merely added one more oven partner to our arsenal – try four, with more in the works. The best ovens in the world can be mounted on a Fire Within trailer. It’s your choice!

A Trailer That’s Safe, Durable and Purpose-Built for Business

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Our trailer's will motor down a highway with a 3,000-pound artisan wood-fired oven mounted on it needs to be safe and special. Fire Within trailers fit that bill. Most trailers you see from our competitors imitate ours. As is the case with other products, “the original” still offer clear advantages over imitators.

Fire Within trailers
give you:

  • The most diverse and highest volume of trailer models available. Many competitors offer you one or two trailers.
  • Fire Within brings you six outside cooking trailer models alone. Our fully and semi-enclosed oven trailers, called Cucina, offer at least eight more. Choices for every budget!
  • Electrical packages and optional sink systems designed logically and built to pass your health department audits.
  • Axles that exceed load capacities.
  • Full-length storage inside the trailer.
  • A hitch lock that is as safe as anything made and easier than ever to use – anyone can hitch a Fire Within trailer to a tow vehicle!
  • Front and back stabilizer jacks.
  • Umbrella holders built into even our smallest models.
  • A full-size spare tire.
  • And get this – Fire Within now applies spray on Rhino Lining® to all external and internal storage areas – as well as trailer fenders – at no additional cost!

Wood Fired University

Imagine spending a 3-day weekend in beautiful Denver, Colorado, immersing yourself in jump-starting your wood-fired pizza catering business? Classroom presentations from top chefs and current oven trailer owners, perfecting dough in the kitchen, and hands-on time with the ovens and understanding the mobile setup and workflow.

This is Fire Within’s Wood Fired University. We are not only manufacturers and assemblers – we are educators. Our true satisfaction comes from your success, and that starts with education and “know-how” before you even land your first pizza gig.

Fire Within is the inventor of the Branchise business support system. The amount of advanced video, one-on-one, and overall satisfaction support is the standard in our category.


The Fire Within Customer Facebook Group was cool way before social media really took off.

It’s easy. Buy a Fire Within Mobile Wood Fired Oven and get access to some the best minds in the business – our current customers and experienced chefs.

Our community numbers in the thousands. A new business means enormous amounts of questions. Wood Fired University offers many answers, but stuff comes up out in the trenches. The Fire Within Community, which you will become a part of as well, has answers.

We’ve seen questions that new owners post to the group while in the middle of an event being answered within minutes! The Community is strong and thriving.

You’re welcome to join!

The Fire Within Team pays attention to the details and will demonstrate what sets us apart from other options you may have. We welcome a call or a contact form submission from the website.

Oven Transport and Delivery

Even though we are based in Colorado, our customers are in all 50 states, Canada, and beyond. We ship pizza oven trailers to our customers. These are works of art built to your specifications that you’ve invested in.

The third-party transportation companies we work with are true partners that know our products. They will call you and work with you on an appropriate handoff of your wood-fired oven trailer.

These are not generic delivery companies. They care, they communicate, and they take responsibility for your investment when it time for delivery.