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We combine the heritage from yesterday’s legacy with today’s proven technology to build our wood fired ovens with precision and mastery at the highest levels of perfection. When you buy a Fire Within Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven, you are purchasing from the global leader in precision and craftsmanship.

I always wanted to do something that would make a difference in people lives... Ajith Dharma CEO

From the very beginning as far back as I could remember as a child, I always wanted to do something that would make a difference in people lives. Even my father taught me to understand the value of giving to others more than just myself.

As I reached the halfway point of my life, I was compelled to engage in a business that would be about giving and offering opportunity to others.

One that would have a positive and amazing impact in the lives of individuals and families, one that would provide fun and smiles to thousands of people within their communities and one that would possess the level of integrity to continue for generations to come.

This dream became my quest: to touch the hearts of people, it had to be bigger than me and more than just about money.

There is nothing like smelling the rich aromas of a freshly baked Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizza from a wood fired oven...

Ever had those moments when you just know it is the right thing to do, but it makes no sense? Here’s the real crazy part: it came in the form of a pizza. Not just any kind of pizza, it was Wood Fired Pizza as it was crafted and perfected from wood fired ovens in the ancient times of culinary cooking.

Wood Fired Pizza captured my imagination and slowly I discovered through my new journey that food is truly a legacy that has always been part of preserving culture and fostering family traditions while creating timeless memories. I loved that aspect of the business.

There is nothing like smelling the rich aromas of a freshly baked Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizza from a wood fired oven to evoke the faces and voices from the past of wonderful memories of deep satisfaction and comfort, which comes from eating and sharing food with others. I decided to visit all kinds of places that had wood fired ovens that cooked pizzas!

I was impressed that there were so many ovens, but I realized you had to go to a restaurant, a pizzeria or a bar to get one...

I could see in my mind’s eye, fresh hot Wood Fired Pizzas being sold at farmers markets, fairs, events, weddings, catering events and at every kind of venue on the planet. The question being, how do you get a 4,000 lb. wood fired oven that cooks close to 900 degrees to an event?

I discovered a way that showed me how to reach everyone and go anywhere! This mobile concept was in its infancy and I decided this is what I was going to do!

The best part is I did not do this alone. Many wonderful people entered my life at just the right time to help and to teach me what I know now: that no one does it alone.

This is there the “I” became the “WE” and my dream became a reality.

We now have a community of over 1000 strong like-minded individuals from all 50 states and different parts of the world...

To realize not only did we build the mobile side of this industry we also created the only certified Wood Fired Pizza University in the World. After 12 years we have over 3,000 graduates from around the world, all using their education to improve their lives and the lives around them, with hundreds of millions of wood fired pizza’s being eaten by the slice (or a whole one depending) enhancing memories and life experiences for everyone!

Here’s the best part. We have a community of over 1,000 strong like-minded individuals from all 50 states and different parts of the world, all sharing best practices, recipes along with creating new friendships and sharing fellowship, together. They really care about each other. Gathering around the proverbial “fire” to share stories, challenges, success, failures is a time honored tradition of building relationships that we keep alive at Fire Within.

They are each integrated into their communities using the Fire Within mobile pizza ovens they purchased from us through School events, weddings, farmers markets, parades, county fairs, walkathons, there are too many to mention. They each make a difference by touching the hearts and culture of every community, through food, through wood fired pizza!

We also created a new category called Branchising, it’s as comprehensive as a franchise model, only without the restrictive rules so you are in complete control of your business. Which affords anyone who wants to get into the business with the best chance of success and we guarantee it!

here we are today and we have now established ourselves as the leading manufacturer of mobile wood fire pizza ovens in the industry! this astounds us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your time to read my story, our story, and hopefully your story one day.

Ajith Dharma CEO

wood fired university

Wood Fired University provides our community with the training needed to run your mobile wood fired pizza business. We do not consider our program a success until you understand how to cook the perfect pizza and run a business that makes you proud.

Across our program, you will be trained by a successful wood fired chef. You receive the first-hand direction from someone who has been in your shoes. Our instructors provide you an in-depth understanding of everything from making your first pie to the long-term care of your oven.

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  • July 26th-29th | Denver

    Wood Fired University is a great blend of “hands on” training and business foundations. Now featuring instruction from Thomas Garnick, California Cheese Grand Pizza Champion!

    In 3 days you’ll learn everything you need to launch your successful business.

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