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Your members and guests will rave about the wonderful aromas coming from one of your newly placed Fire Within Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Ovens.

Whether you’re seeking to elevate MWR for on-base entertainment or create a new gathering spot for families and single servicemen and women to congregate, Fire Within Mobile Wood Fired Ovens offer the perfect complement for your base, post, or field kitchen.

A mobile wood fired oven can be stationed at any Main Operating Base and move to a FOB in a matter of minutes. Constructed for quick moment, the mobile oven does not need a cool-down period before transport: it remains cool to the touch while retaining internal heat.

personalized training & support

When you buy a mobile wood fired pizza oven, it is only as good as the chefs that cook with it. Fire Within has a special program that will provide personalized on-site training. Our personal chef comes to your location and trains your staff on best practices as well as assisting you with complete menu development.

Your team may also attend the Fire Within Wood Fired University which provides a professional certified multi-day hands-on educational experience. Hosted at our leading School for Culinary Arts, the curriculum ranges from mobile pizza catering, comprehensive lessons in the classroom to complete food preparation in our kitchens and presentation in the field.

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Just a small selection of the feedback we recieve

We fry eggs, frittatas and make french toast pizza in it. We may slow down a bit in the summer in our brick-and-mortar, this has completely picked up the slack. It’s a great place to do business and a great addition for us. You’ll think you have a full kitchen in front of you.

We’re going to use it for weekly family nights and music festivals. Wood Fired University has been incredible, the people we met here have that Fire Within; that passion.

This investment in classroom equipment has the added advantage of effectively training our students as budding entrepreneurs, giving them a head start on the intricacies of running a food-service business.

We enjoyed a complete ‘buy-in’ from our newest partner, Ajith Dharma of Fire Within Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens; he not only worked to make this happen but personalized our mobile oven with our logo, further enhancing our program’s brand of school food.

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We know your expectations of excellence is paramount with any purchase for your facility. Whether you are seeking an addition to your dining experience or wanting to differentiate yourself from other venues in the area, we realize your guests have discerning tastes. Ensure their confidence by contacting our team today and experience the legacy founded by the industry leader of wood fired pizza ovens.

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