7 Mobile Pizza Business Models You Should Learn From

7 Mobile Pizza Business Models You Should Learn From

Most everybody loves pizza. So it makes sense you could make money selling it, right? Don’t stick to the boring old stuck-in-a-building routine. Instead, take your pizza on the road by making your business mobile! People love food trucks — maybe as much as pizza. There are thousands of them…

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Are you setting up a mobile pizza business? If so, you need to choose the right business model. Here are 7 mobile pizza business models you should check out.Most everybody loves pizza. So it makes sense you could make money selling it, right?

Don’t stick to the boring old stuck-in-a-building routine. Instead, take your pizza on the road by making your business mobile!

People love food trucks — maybe as much as pizza. There are thousands of them throughout the United States. So why not jump on that bandwagon?

Starting a pizza business takes more than just jumping in a truck with a pizza oven. You’ve got to have a business model. To help you create your own, here are seven mobile pizza business models you can learn from.

1. Mobile Pizzeria

This business model takes the idea of a food truck to new heights. You don’t have just a food-making truck. You’ve got a food-serving truck.

Cooking up pizzas all over town is great, but what if your customers could sit down and eat in your truck too? If you offer a mobile pizzeria, they can.

You’ll need a larger, specially made truck for this. Go for glass walls or large windows in your truck. And you’ll need enough space for a few people to sit down.

This may seem like a huge project but think of the benefits. People will love having a place to come in and sit down. This could really be a hit during stormy weather.

The only problem we see with this business model? You may have so much business you won’t have enough room! So you may want to have some seating and table options to set out front as well.

2. Pop-Up Pizzeria

If you’d like your pizzeria to be mobile but you’d like more space than a truck affords, consider starting a pop-up pizzeria. You won’t need much more than a pizza oven, some tables, and a large pop-up tent.

This type of business model allows you to set up shop at farmers markets, festivals, carnivals, and more. You’ll have plenty of space for creating your signature pizzas. You could even provide seating if you’d like.

You don’t even need a big food truck to make this model a success. Simply choose a vehicle with enough room for your gear and utilize one of our trailer-attached pizza ovens.

3. Nostalgic Pizzeria

Everybody loves some good nostalgia. That, paired, with pizza, sounds like a winning combination, don’t you think?

To tug at the heartstrings of older customers and car-lovers alike, choose a well-known, well-loved classic vehicle to tow your mobile pizza oven. This could be an International Harvester, a 1957 GMC model 100, or any other classic truck that has enough engine power.

Unique goes a long way in industries where similarities are common. People can get pizza anywhere, so give them a reason to choose your pizzeria over someone else’s.

4. Hands-On Pizzeria

If you’re considering going mobile, you probably like taking your passion to the people. So why not let them take part in it with you?

Since you’re already going to where the people are, invite them to help in the pizza-making process. Customers will love making their own pizzas.

Set up a hand-washing station, hand a handful of aprons, and set up plenty of workspace so people can get to it. Limiting participation to a few people at a time is a good idea. Otherwise, you’ll have too many people to supervise.

Sound like too much work? Really, your customers are doing the work for you. You’ve just got to teach and cook. They’ll do all the preparation.

You can always prepare the pizzas yourself and allow customers to get some hands-on experience under your tutelage for an additional fee.

5. Uniquely-Shaped Pizzeria

Okay, so the pizzeria itself doesn’t have to be uniquely-shaped, but your pizza could be! Who said pizza had to be flat and round? Shake things up by serving your pizzas in unique ways.

One pizzeria serves there pizzas in cone-shaped crusts. See what you can come up with! You’re only as limited as your imagination.

6. Dessert Pizzeria

You’ve probably had a dessert pizza. If you haven’t, you’ve surely seen one. Why not focus your mobile pizzeria on desserts?

The public’s love for sugar won’t ever die, so you’ll be safe going with desserts. Plus, people will love the twist. While pizzerias may offer some sweet pizza options, few offer an entirely sweet menu.

Use your mobile pizza oven to create delectable pizza desserts passers-by won’t be able to pass up. Fruit pizzas, candy pizzas, brownie pizzas, you name it. The sky’s the limit, here.

Your focus on sweet pizzas will make you stand out from any other pizza stands that have rolled into the area. Give it a shot!

7. Gluten-Free Pizzeria

Lots of people have given up gluten these days, whether they need to for health reasons or just by choice. Cater to this group by setting up a mobile pizzeria that’s gluten-free.

Offer an entirely gluten-free menu to really make your pizzeria stand out. Or offer both gluten-free and gluten-filled options. Lots of food trucks won’t have gluten-free menu items, so you’ll surely be appreciated.

Prepare to Start Your Mobile Pizza Business

Pizza is fun, but it can be even better when it’s taken on the road. Don’t strap yourself down to one location. Instead, get out and see your local city and surrounding areas by making your pizza business mobile.

People will love that you come to them, and you’ll likely have a larger customer base, thanks to your brilliant plan. People will love your creativity, too.

Don’t start your mobile pizza business unprepared. We’ve created a 200-page manual to help you get started the right way. Click here to get going!

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