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  • thomas garnick

    CEO - grand pizza champion

    Thomas Garnick was recently named California Cheese Grand Pizza Champion! He brings a wealth of experience with both Pizza Making and Entrepreneurship and will share his skills and thoughts on running a successful business.

  • What was your business experience before buying your mobile pizza oven?

    I am what some might call a serial entrepreneur. For as long as I can remember I was always involved in business enterprising activities. I started my business at the ripe age of 13 building and selling computers. I have always been enamored by the whole concept of business and spent a lot of effort learning, experiencing and absorbing everything I possibly can.

    Who do you see as your primary customers and why?

    Our primary customer is always evolving. What we do is very unique and we are able to provide an incredible experience that virtually everybody can afford and appreciate. Our goal is to make sure everybody is happy and walks away with a newfound affinity for pizza and our brand. Ultimately we want people to think about us and invite us next time their friend is having a birthday, their neighbors are hosting a block party or they are getting married.

    What was your journey coming to this decision?

    Raised in a culturally diverse atmosphere I grew up on the rustic style of northern Mexican cooking, the glorious spices of western Indian cuisine mixed with a bit of traditional American fare. At the ripe age of 18 I joined the Navy and I was fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to travel the world and experience a vast array of cultures. Arriving in Colorado I was destined to get a better understanding of flavor and technique. I immersed myself in food turning my small kitchen into a sort of lab creating cured meats, ground sausages, breads, fresh pastas, cheeses, butter, sauces and countless other culinary creations. What I began to realize was my true passion was cooking with fire. I begun to really appreciate the transformative power that a simple flame could have on people and food.

    Why are you in the mobile pizza oven business?

    Mostly because I am crazy and I love fire. On a more serious note I do it because of it’s simplistic beauty that can take a lifetime to master. Its amazing to know you are a part of something with so many opportunities present from festivals to caterings to using this business as a launch pad for a traditional restaurant.

    What do you wish every person should know before becoming an owner of a Fire Within Mobile Pizza Oven?

    As with any small business it will be a lot of hard work and an incredible learning opportunity. When you decide to become a member of this incredible community make sure you have the passion that true Fire Within you, as this is what will get you through the darkest days and make the rewards that much greater. You will make mistakes but learn from them, most importantly learn what not to do again. Above all else you must be flexible and understand the only constant is everything changes.

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