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Italian craftsmanship in Napa Valley

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an old-world oven for a new age

Reminiscent of the days when bread baking was done in communal ovens, our signature Casa design is an opulent twist on more traditional, old-world brick styles. Inspired by Italian craftsmanship and made in Napa Valley, it’s the ultimate centerpiece for any luxurious Tuscan-themed backyard or contemporary outdoor kitchen. Your Forno Piombo Casa oven is so much more than a cooking device; it’s an oven around which you’ll gather for years of memories with your family.

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The Palazzo is, without a doubt, the most luxurious pizza oven you will find on the market today, and it’s our opera d’arte at Forno Piombo. If you’re looking for a wood fired oven that will turn heads and leave your friends and neighbors awestruck, the Palazzo is your oven. Perfect for industrial or mixed-medium alfresco kitchens, the Palazzo’s details are simultaneously modern and classic. But it’s not just stunningly beautiful and a best-in-class performer: the Palazzo is the heart of the kitchen where your family will gather for generations to come.

  • Brick Dome: Our specially-built brick dome is the most efficient design for outdoor cooking and holds heat exceptionally well. With a range of up to 950° F and the ability to hold residual heat for up to 36 hours, the Casa can bake, grill, roast, and slow-cook all your family favorites. And best of all, fresh, homemade pizza cooks in just 90 seconds!
  • Limited Batch: We only craft 160 of our brick dome ovens per year, meaning your Casa is a one-of-a-kind creation.
  • The Perfect Fit: Our Casa oven is available in both a 36”-wide (90) model and a 42”-wide (110) model, so you’re sure to find the oven that meets your needs. The Casa 90 can accommodate up to four 12” pizzas or three cast iron pans, while the Casa 110 is large enough to accommodate up to five 12” pizzas or four cast iron pans at once.
  • Luxe Finishes: Choose a smooth finish like Adobe, Silver Gray, Blue Gray, and Mesa Verde, or go with a standout tiled look in Sarsaparilla, Ivory, Midnight, Azure, or Vineyard. Going for a specific look? We’re always happy to work with you on the custom oven of your dreams.
  • Made in America: Our Casa ovens are never imported or outsourced. They are made to order right here in America!
  • Exceptional Warranty: Our brick ovens come with a 2-year general warranty plus a lifetime warranty on the interior brick dome. Get all the details below and compare our warranty with other manufacturers. We think you’ll be impressed!

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Wood Fired University provides our community with the training needed to run your mobile wood fired pizza business. We do not consider our program a success until you understand how to cook the perfect pizza and run a business that makes you proud.

Across our program, you will be trained by a successful wood fired chef. You receive the first-hand direction from someone who has been in your shoes. Our instructors provide you an in-depth understanding of everything from making your first pie to the long-term care of your oven.

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    Wood Fired University is a great blend of “hands on” training and business foundations. Now featuring instruction from Thomas Garnick, California Cheese Grand Pizza Champion!

    In 3 days you’ll learn everything you need to launch your successful business.

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