Fire Within is always proud when our community members follow their dreams and invest in themselves. This month, we would like to introduce Rick and Nancy Herman, proud owners of Log Home Wood Fired Pizza.


Nancy and I own a 2014 Tandem Concessionaire 120. In 2013, I was looking to switch careers and found Fire Within online. I began conversations about the business and business model with the company. After a few emails and phone calls to find out more information and to order “Rolling in the Dough,” they convinced Nancy and I to attend Wood Fired University in November of 2013. After sitting through the first session or two, we were hooked!

We were really hooked at Wood Fired University when we attended and we met with the team to discuss trailer options and what he thought would be best for us in northern Minnesota. We would have to be traveling quite a bit in the northeast corner of the state because we live in a very small town of 350 people. They were a wealth of knowledge and with Joe’s inspiration, Nancy and I discussed our options on our drive home to Minnesota. We ordered our oven in late November 2013 and picked it up from Fire Within in May 2014. The process was simple and very straight forward and we were very pleased working with all of the crew that assembled our trailer and oven!

Log Home Wood Fired Pizza was established in May 2014. We were the first mobile wood fired pizza business in our area of northern Minnesota. This year will be our 8th season in the wood fired pizza industry. I say industry because this year we are also opening our first brick and mortar location in our small town of McGregor, Minnesota!

Over the years we have cooked a variety of different things in our oven. We have experimented with numerous cuts of meat, fish, vegetables and sweets. They all turn out really well. However, my absolute favorite is Pizza!

We enjoy interacting with the people we serve and catering someone’s special day is always such an honor! We have customers (we now call family) because we catered their wedding, groom’s dinner or graduation party and we still see them out on our trail! Really, that’s how much fun we are still having going into season 8!

If you are considering getting into the wood fired pizza business, do your research, get to know the awesome people at Fire Within and don’t hesitate to call other oven owners and discuss the opportunity with them. Ajith and the crew are so willing to listen, discuss and share their knowledge and expertise with you. And, don’t skip out on Wood Fired University. You will learn so much about what it takes to own and operate your own business!

We have numerous favorite and unique pizzas we offer that represent our brand. We do a spent grain dough and wild rice flour dough options throughout the year. Nancy’s favorite pizza is our “In The Woods.” It has a garlic oil base, 5-cheese blend, asparagus, mushrooms, prosciutto and parmesan cheese. Mine is our “Smokehouse.” It starts with our signature BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, pulled pork, bacon and green onions. We have many customers that like our “Open Range” as well. It has a pesto sauce base, 5-cheese blend, spinach, wild rice, chicken, green onions and finished with garlic oil.




If you would like more information about Wood Fired University, how to start the process of becoming a mobile wood-fired business, or are in the neighborhood of Rick and Nancy, surf on over to their website: northwoodspizza.com – they’d love to hear from you!

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