Thinking about buying into a franchise? Better Think It Through

Considering Buying Into A Franchise?Fuhgetabout it!

You’re going to do what?   Think Again…

Franchising is a terrific concept – for the franchisor that is, but less so for the franchisee.  You don’t need to look too hard to find countless tears and disappointment of franchisees.  Here’s a ten reasons list “why not to buy a franchise” from NOLO:

If a franchise is a business and a system, brand and all the support you are looking for, why not find an opportunity that comes with a well-respected brand, professional support and a helpful community of like-minded business owners for real support and stay far away from the troubles that come with many franchises and all the fees. You can find your passion and opportunity without the franchisee fees,  expensive start up costs as well as ongoing franchise related fees and future profit payments.  Why not operate your business without the threats that arise from a franchise operation when your sales don’t match the expectations of other franchisees you are suddenly found to be competing against even though there are many different market factors that are not taken into account.

Here’s a much better idea…

Fire Within Mobile Pizza Ovens

At Fire Within you will get all that and much more– a Mobile Pizza Oven, intensive and extensive training on how to make your oven make success in your business and life.

We have successfully created opportunities for success over 700+ times in all 50 states and overseas.  Call us and we will let you speak with as many FireWithin oven owners as your heart desires.  We believe in letting your “Passion Turn into a Lifestyle!”.

Thinking about buying into a franchise? Better Think It Through


You’ll join a community or like-minded enthusiasts and independent entrepreneurs… for far less start-up, often with financing and without the ongoing headwinds of having to pay a percentage to your franchisor, while you do all the work and grow your business and reach for success only to question and ultimately resent your franchisor, who never quite lives up to the promise they sold you on.

You don’t want to buy a franchise – you want to grow an enterprise that gives you independence and freedom and a way to express your creativity and community spirit. You may have mistakenly thought the franchisor was going to hold your hand – well you are mistaken.

You’ll not be the first disappointed, just the latest in a long line of mistaken dreamers.  Talk to the Quizno’s community, you can learn about the struggles their franchise owners are going through in this article.


At Fire Within you’ll get:

  • A State Of The Art Mobile Pizza Oven on wheels – With or without financing
  • Training and Materials
  • The FireWithin Community
  • Peer-to-peer events, professional support, and cheer.

Equally, as Important Are The Things You Won’t Get

  • Startup franchise fees,
  • Ongoing franchise fees
  • Having to conform to their standards with threat of fines, penalties, loss of privileges and even civil lawsuits, and
  • Broken Promises

With Fire Within – you can get back to basics – pure and simple – and live your dream…

Ask yourself again, do I really want to buy a franchise, or do I want to build an enterprise, gain independence, financial freedom and in fact, be free?

I think you;ve already answered the question – now contact us at Fire Within – we’ll discuss your future.

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