Frank Fortino purchased his Cucina series mobile wood-fired oven and was pleased that he could generate revenue during the current pandemic.

Cucina Rustico
The Cucina used by Frank & Jamie Fortino

Food trucks are ready made for curbside drive up service. We didn’t have to be creative as some restaurants in figuring out how they were going to handle curbside. So as soon as the restaurants were forced to close we had to figure out how to keep up with demand. We just had the right business at the right time. [There is a] sense of community among other restaurant owners and food trucks. We don’t consider each other competition but colleagues and are willing to help in each other’s success.

Frank & Jamie Fortino

Advice Frank Would Give To Everyone Thinking Of Starting:

Don’t cut corners. I know it’s tough when you’re eager to start your business and you may not have the funds so you start looking for ways to save costs so you cut corners. But you only have one chance to make a good first impression not only with your customers but with the health department. The relationship with the health dept will probably be your most important. Also before you make a purchase think about where you want to be in 5 yrs and take that into consideration it will save you money in the long run.

[We advertise] mostly through social media, word of mouth and some local magazines. But Coronavirus was a big help in generating new customers.

Frank and Jamie Fortino operate out of Heber City, UT and can be found at

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