Fire Within is proud to call Chase Gibb of Coal Haus 337, a Fire Within community member. Chase attended our Wood Fired University, even being a pizza restaurant owner, and learned the benefit of adding a mobile unit to his existing business.

Gibb MOntage
The Life And Times Of Chase Gibbs


I already have three brick & mortar locations, so this is just a natural progression for me. The location, size, capacity, and floor plan of this new restaurant fits my exact business blueprint requirements. We will be able to fulfill all three arms of our restaurant model-Dine In, Carryout, and Catering-through this new location.

I will utilize my mobile oven in several different capacities in our new community!  First, we will use the mobile oven on site a couple of days a week doing wood-fired pizzas for our dine in guests. Secondly, we will also use our mobile oven in the community doing private parties and caterings as we offer now! Finally, we’ll utilize our oven doing mobile pop-ups in various neighborhoods and attending local festivals! We like to sling wood-fired pizzas year-round!

We will utilize our mobile wood-fired oven on location weekly, but at this time I plan to go with my Buffalo Business Model. We have done several different functions. Last year we did a local music festival that had about 25,000 attendees…That was a very fast-paced environment over the course of three days. We have also done private parties of over 400 people where we fed all the guests pizza, appetizers, and desserts in less than three hours. Those parties require lots of structure and direction to keep everybody flowing properly. We’ve done pop-ups in neighboring communities where we do 400 pizzas in a matter of 5 to 6 hours. When we do this, it requires a team of 4 to 5 people to stay ahead of the game with onsite orders and to make sure we’re getting all of the pre-orders done in a timely manner.

You can visit Chase at

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