How to Make Big Money with Mobile Pizza Oven Trailers

mobile pizza oven trailersWith food trucks all the rage these days, Fire Within helps numerous entrepreneurs who want to know how to make big money with mobile pizza oven trailers. From business planning to providing training on making amazing pizzas in a mobile kitchen and of course, delivering expertly designed and crafted wood-fired pizza ovens, we offer a complete roadmap for success.

Of course, once you have crave-worthy pizza recipes and the safest, high-quality equipment from the leader in mobile pizza oven trailers, it’s time to cash in. But not so fast. You need to have a strategy and think carefully about where to set up shop. If you have a brick and mortar restaurant, a good place to start is to offer on-site catering. Otherwise, it’s all about location, location, location. How to make big money with mobile pizza oven trailers starts with finding profitable places to park.

6 Great Places to Park Mobile Pizza Oven Trailers

  1. Farmer’s Markets – From spring until fall (all year long in warmer climates), owners of mobile pizza oven trailers can easily find success going to farmer’s markets which are packed with potential customers. Be sure to get your hands on locally sourced ingredients and even experiment with new menu items!
  2. Truck Roundups – When it comes to mobile food ventures, one truly is the loneliest number. And while it might seem counter-intuitive, joining forces with your competition is a great way to attract a big and very hungry crowd. Even if you don’t feed everyone that shows up, it’s invaluable brand exposure.
  3. Festivals & Events – What better way to win new customers at concerts and events than with a second show, pulling piping hot pizza out of wood-fired, mobile pizza oven trailers. No hiding in a truck, serving food out of a tiny window. Fire Within customers can attest to the value of a little showmanship.
  4. Downtown – Business centers to construction sites, getting to the hub of the city will yield no shortage of customers. Stake your claim (these areas are busy) and be there for lunchers who don’t have the time to go very far or sit down at a restaurant. Just be sure to check with the city about parking laws!
  5. Gas Stations – People often use their lunch hour to pick up food and fill up their car while they’re out and about. Give them a fresher option than fake cheese nachos and a hot dog that’s been on the roller since 5 am. Find a station near a freeway, and you can even feed people passing through town.
  6. Bars, Clubs & Breweries – What goes better with a few drinks than a fresh slice of cheesy delicious pizza served from mobile pizza oven trailers. Park tactically to draw late night party-goers with site and smell. They’ll come hungry and ready to spend money, especially if other nearby restaurants are closed up.

mobile pizza ovenIf you’re wondering how to make big money with mobile pizza oven trailers, Fire Within is here to help by providing the right equipment, training and support you need to be successful. We’ll help make sure your business thrives, whether you’re at a weekend music festival, parked in the center of the city on a Tuesday afternoon or catering a private event.

If you’re ready to get started, why wait? Contact us about mobile pizza oven trailers today.