North Bend High School

North Bend High School teamed up with Fire Within to make a significant investment in the school’s curriculum with the purchase of a mobile wood-fired oven trailer for the Culinary Arts Program. With this custom made addition, the school aims to emphasize the importance of creativity, management, and responsibility for their students.

“We are thrilled and touched to be chosen to bring safe, authentic, wood-fired cooking to the kids of North Bend High School. We are proud to have a part in providing young minds with tools and support for their success in the culinary industry,” said Ajith Dharma, president of Fire Within.

North Bend High School is the first high school to invest in a Fire Within wood-fired oven trailer. Materials such as these provide students with unique opportunities to gain early experience in the culinary and business fields that can drastically shape their future.

“This will allow our students an unrivaled learning experience as they will learn every aspect of running a business from planning, costing, profit and loss statements, production and marketing,” said Chef Frank Murphy of North Bend High School’s Culinary Arts Program.

More than a million students in the U.S. will graduate from high school, but a large percentage of will never earn a degree. High costs that often lead to student debt can deter high school graduates from attending a university, just one reason why technical skills programs are beneficial at the high school level.

“These are invaluable skills students can take with them as they enter the professional world post-graduation,” said Dharma. “We are nurturing a future generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.”