Everyone has a specialty pizza that can put the “WOW!” in their customer’s mouths. I remember at a catering event, I once had a wood-fired pizza where the protein was goat and it was accompanied by a light BBQ-style sauce. It was extremely savory and I went back for seconds. Who am I kidding? I went back for fourths.

This month, we spotlight one of the many recipes that are featured in our business manual, Rolling In The Dough. We have well over 100 recipes in the library, and it is a pleasure to be able to provide them to you.

Take a look at what Matthew Broughton cooked up!

Lobster Pesto Pizza

We start with our standard pizza crust. We have modified the recipe that we learned from y’all to work for us, here at sea level and our level of humidity:

1-2 oz pesto

2 oz butter-poached lobster claw meat


Roasted red peppers



Stretch dough to desired size, spread pesto over dough, and cover in arugula and mozzarella. Place lobster chunks on top of the mozzarella and finish with grated parmesan. Bake in a hot wood-fired oven until done.